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How to get stock for your eBay store in 2017?

Hello, I see that you have had the same question that many of us have had. How can I quickly restock my eBay store and find goods that turn a good profit. You’ve come to the right place. I’ve distilled this list of places you can go to quickly and easily buy stock for your eBay shop. Hopefully, this will give you all a starting place and give you the tools to see how you can prosper even more.

Find eBay stock on craigslist matt mccullo
This one is definitely a first place to find stock for your eBay store. Craigslist has all sorts of different goods for sale that you can choose from. Nicely, the website allows you to refine your browsing by the niche that you want to sell in. For example, if you are looking for video games to resell, simply hop on craigslist and find sellers of their collections, or make a post yourself to buy video games and haggle with the people that call you. Negotiation is a key part of craigslist shopping with the intention of reselling.

When you do find an item that is appealing, make sure you research this product on eBay by searching for it and selecting “Sold Items”. If the item has many sales per day, you know that it is a “hot” item and will sell much more quickly than others. You do not want to be stuck with units for months and months. The more liquidity you have in your goods and your bank account, the faster you’ll be able to turn profits and continue to boost your business.

Garage Sales

Garage sale stock on ebay matt mccullo

Garage sales are the best of the bunch to find stock for your eBay store, in my opinion. Sales are harder to come across, but when you find one, there are surely many goods in there that you can resell with a little finesse and some patience. Often there are boxes of old collectables, nice used coats, and sometimes small knick knacks that other people happen to love. Don’t be afraid to put in the little bit of elbow grease and pick up some treasures from your local Garage Sales.

Since I’m up in Minnesota, there aren’t garage sales for about half of the year (or more…). When it is garage sale season, I drive around the nicer neighborhoods on early weekend mornings and try to be the first to show up at the sales. This gives you the best pick and, if it’s slow, you can talk to the home owner and see if you can throw in even more stock that you like for better deals. They really just wanna get rid of their old stuff, and that is a great opportunity for you to make some money and find awesome stock for your eBay store.

Clearance Sections

Clearance sale matt mccullo ebay stock

This one can be pretty fun since you don’t have to really deal with individual customers or deal with bad quality products. Often times after seasonal sales, stores will put out items on clearance to unload their own stock. This is a great opportunity for picking up brand new items for an amazing deal. You can either resell them now, or you can hold onto the items until the next season and have a great time selling them.

One example is at your local Target store. After Christmas is done, they always have a big clearance sale where they need to get rid of their ornaments. Walk in the store, pick up the best looking quality ornaments for a good deal, and list em online. You can often make profits of 600% or more with these deals!

Wholesale Manufacturers

Wholesale manufacturer mattmccullo eBay stock

A buddy of mine who lives in Minneapolis has gone to a local wholesale shipper in order to buy stock for much much cheaper than retail. He simply called in, talked to the manager with an intention of what he needed and how much. They quickly came to a deal and he was able to pick up a bulk of items that he resold for a huge profit. *An important thing to note when dealing with wholesale manufacturers is that you need to drop quite a bit of money in order to get a big amount. It is always best to be very certain that your products will sell before buying a large amount of them. Even if you take a loss on a few of the products, it’s always better to test them first.

alibaba mattmccullo how to get ebay stock

If you don’t mind dealing with international sellers, Alibaba can be an incredible way to make some money. As you know, manufacturing overseas has unreasonably reasonable rates for items. This is a great opportunity for you to purchase many items wholesale at a very low rate.

This option is not as straightforward as the other options, however. Buying goods from international sellers has more paperwork to go through for customs. You also need to keep in mind that some goods are only shipped to a port and then you need to worry about shipping them from the port to your house, warehouse, or wherever. Don’t let this scare you away, but know that you will need to learn more about international policies, fees, and shipping.

Check out my blog post on Private Labeling and Drop Shipping to learn more about what is possible with Alibaba.

aliexpress mattmccullo how to find eBay stock

This is the cousin of Alibaba. Ali Express allows you to purchase as low as one unit of a single good. This is a great option for testing out the market and seeing if the item will resell for more on eBay or Amazon.

One great method is to buy a many different types of goods on Ali Express. Once they arrive, list them on eBay. See which items have the easiest time to sell, and if you can turn a profit from them, setup a relationship with an Alibaba wholesaler and buy a large amount from them. Like with any store, Alibaba wholesalers will mark up their prices, so if you can leverage the fact you will be a continual buyer, you may be able to push prices down.

Think outside of the box

thinking mattmccullo ebay stock

Remember that when you have a store, there are no rules to your listing. You have an obligation to be moral in your trades and to not rip people off, but you are also destined to make the most out of your time here and enjoy being a self-sustaining store owner. Always make sure that you are following all laws, but know that there are not rules to what you can and can’t do beyond the policies.

Having a store is an amazing learning experience and will always keep you learning new things. If you ever want to chat with feedback, ideas, or advice, email me at and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this article please share it with your friends and family. Allow them to have a more successful store!


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