Why Social Platforms will Launch the Economy in 2017

Why Social Platforms will Launch the Economy in 2017

In 2016, according to the Washington Post, the number of startups in the United States are dropping. Individuals, filled with so much passion they find themselves glued to Silicon Valley, were starting up brand new businesses like wildfire. However, will the trend of hot new startups be new social platforms, or will they be built upon the ones standing?

From Fast-Paced to Abstract

Companies in the early-to-mid 2010’s have evolved at an exceedingly fast pace. Startups soar into angel investors pockets, pulling out wads of cash to have the chance of becoming the next enormous technology platform or emerge into a new industry. The giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, and Snap Co. have eaten up the social slice of the pie that a new breed of business has taken shape, and will develop further come 2017. Since the new congregations of humankind exist in managed “cliques” within each of the separate social platforms, business built upon these structures will form. Just as a beautiful fungus grows upon the forest floor.


New startups build off of platforms
Future startups build up from the new floor

Entering the new year, a new marketplace has brewed and is ready to imbibe. The new value of our future emphasizes social credit more than financial, and this is exactly what 2017 will generate. Businesses for boosting social credit, chat bots, automated socialization, virtual assistants, and more will plant their seeds in the soft soil of the future economy. Take a look at China, for example. A fully functional social credit system will be released in the year 2020. This system gives individuals in China a new form of leverage that will not only impact their economic health, but their social health as well. As a society we’ve placed more and more emphasis on social credit. This is at it’s boiling point and will be heating up the economy for the decades to come.

This is at it’s boiling point and will be heating up the economy for the decades to come.

Gig Economies Break Business Barriers

Moving forward into 2017, gig economies will pick up even more momentum. As younger individuals are entering the marketplace, the comfort of globalization sets in. It is much less scary for younger generations to outsource labor, development work, and creative work to people whom they’ve never met. Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and even Craigslist make building a business even easier than ever. The massive conglomerate of resources available today has reduced the barrier to business entry more than any time in history. Not to mention, delegating tasks through a service like Zirtual have made it simple to focus on what you need to focus on. What regulations will these new tactics of international business development bring?

SaaS Business Models

Software as a service will be mandatory for business success come 2017. Accessibility to digital products can make or break a company. If customers can’t see their metrics on all of their devices, when they want to, it holds them back from their own developments. SaaS platforms will grow by providing fluidity to future business development. Notice how checking Gmail from any device you own has made it the platform of choice, mainly due to its simplicity and cloud-based design. Analytics software, accounting, human resources, banking, and anything you can think of will be extending into 2017 with lightening speed. Building on social platforms, and integrating with service based software gives leverage to any new product.


Social Platforms Still Growing

Although new business will build off of these platforms, the platforms themselves will continue to grow. Using their analytics of 2016, we will see Twitter, Facebook, and Google tuning their advertising techniques. With added pressure from each other’s competition for marketing dollars, their product ad placement will continue to innovate. Not only are these companies competing for marketing money, they are also generating revenue off of their user’s data. Because of this, we will see even more technical analytic-based companies popping up around the new developments of social platforms moving into 2017. Of course new markets are exciting, but further growing and developing markets are more exciting. Social media marketing methods have been tried and true for years now, what will make 2017 stand out to you? Leave a comment below or tweet at me @ArcticodeStudio.

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